Commitment - Courage - Perseverance

Hope House is a transitional facility empowering rehabilitated addicts to engage and reconnect with normal life and society.
The setting is a healthy and safe environment in the journey towards restoration.
The Therapeutic Daily Recovery Programme (TDRP) is Christ-centred.


Hope House Jo’burg Recovery Centre is Halfway House that was established in 2008, for people that are recovering from substance abuse, for their personal restoration and integration into society.
Most people are under the impression that once a client had been to a rehabilitation centre for treatment, the person should be cured from the disease of addiction. For any person that have decided and embarked on the journey, out of life’s hurts, hang-ups and destructive behaviour (addiction),onto the road of self-discovery, peace, restoration, serenity and wholesomeness (recovery), would know that it is not so and that it is a lifelong process.
The dilemma that we are faced with would be that our lives had become unmanageable because of the abuse of substances, and our destructive behaviours, after sobering up in a treatment facility we are still faced with the unmanageability, simply because we do not know who we are and how to live and enjoy life as a sober person. This often leads us to being misunderstood and feeling rejected by our loved ones and support structure, and places unnecessary strain on ourselves and our loved ones.
Hope House Jo’burg Recovery Centre offers a save holistic environment (home away from home) where you can embark on your journey of self-discovery, restoration and integration into society, as you come to terms with the past and deal with the impact that addiction had on you and your loved ones with fellow residents, volunteers (facilitators) and the staff of Hope House Jo’burg Recovery Centre.
The programme is based on personal development, the Five pillars of recovery (Higher power/Sponsor/Meetings/Step-work/Service)derived from the standard universal twelve-step programme, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Celebrate Recovery Africa (CRA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA) as well as one on one sessions, educational /therapeutic/spiritual groups, life skills, family sessions and church services.