Drug Recovery Programs Edenvale Johannesburg

Hope House offer effective drug recovery programs and services to help the recoveree and their family cope, strategise and resolve. Please see our services offered below.


We offer best practices recovery programs that use both individual & group sessions

At Hope House, we have a big heart for all those desperately in need of assistance regarding drug recovery. Rehabilitation programs, though very effective, require further reinforcement in order for successful integration back into normal life. This is necessary for the wellbeing of all – the recoveree and their family. This path back to healthy attitudes and relationships is achievable and worth taking. 

Personal Development

This program will assist in helping the recoveree to reintegrate into society with practical steps regarding work life and family life:


  • Assisting in structuring of CV’s
  • Family intervention sessions
  • Family restoration
  • Individual development plan
  • Integration into society
  • Interview preparation
  • Life skills
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal assessment
  • Personal development evaluations
  • Personal restoration from addiction and destructive behaviours
  • Recreation
  • Relaxation
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for oneself
  • To become self-sustainable

Aftercare Relapse and Prevention for Substance Abuse

CRA Groups (Celebrate Recovery Africa)
Occupational therapy (Outsourced)
Psychiatric support (Outsourced)
Psychologists evaluations (Outsourced)
Social Worker services (Outsourced)

The 12 Steps Program (NA, AA, CRA)

The Five Pillars of Recovery

A 7-day structured programme is followed at Hope House Jo’burg Recovery Centre.